Sometimes we find ourselves in less than ideal situations.

T-Rex Goes Biking  by Anna-Maria Jung

T-Rex Goes Biking by Anna-Maria Jung

Life offers many a thing that can contribute to that. Sometimes there is a feeling of general discontent, sometimes there are more specific topics, e.g.:

  • stress

  • conflict

  • blows of fate

  • lack of direction

  • important changes

  • difficult decisions

In times like these it is perfectly understandable to sometimes feel helpless or overwhelmed. If this is the case, it might be worth to continue reading.

Helping you to help yourself

The best expert for your own life will always be you. Nevertheless you can let someone else help you with this not always easy task.

As counselor/coach I offer support to people who are at a difficult stage in their lives, and help them find solutions, answers, new ways of thinking or different points of perspective.

As part of my training I currently offer an affordable opportunity to make use of these kinds of services. Only my own expenses (for traveling or renting a room) will be billed to the client, but there is no counseling fee. The costs are always discussed and agreed upon in advance.


For further information and/or to make an appointment please contact me using your preferred method.

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* in case you are unable to reach me, please leave a message if you want me to call you back.


Mag. Michael TrOEstl

Lebens- und Sozialberater
in Ausbildung und unter Supervision*

* counselor in training and under supervision

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